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"You really start to notice how much of a difference this gum makes when you add it to your daily routine. After one month of use I can already see signs of cavities being repaired and I noticed my gums are not as sensitive as they use to be. My mouth feels just as clean and fresh as it does after a brush. This is the perfect brushing substitute when you're in a pinch, life saver!"


- Julie S. Los Angeles, CA





Recommended use:

There are a minimum of 18 pieces in each pack.


Our gum pieces are hand-made and hand-cut, so individual piece sizes and weights may vary. Each pack is considered a one-week supply. 


Chew one piece of remineralizing chewing gum after each meal for maximum effectiveness, or chew one piece daily for a cleaning and maintenance boost. Like other natural saps, this gum can be chewed more than once (if you choose to).


Better than a toothbrush! 

There is a war waging inside your mouth, and brushing simply does not last long enough to win it.


Brushing your teeth only kills bacteria for minutes - Our chewing gum kills bacteria the whole time you use it.


Bacteria eat sugars in your mouth while pooping acid on your teeth. This acid is what causes tooth decay and demineralization. The ingredients in our gum are scientifically proven to help stop and reverse this damage.


Enjoy the perfect combination of nature's most powerful ingredients. Our gum allows you to achieve your optimum oral health easily, anywhere you go. Start your routine today.


Our gum is made of premium natural tree saps that deliver a wonderful and extremely long-lasting hearty chew. This makes it more effective at cleaning teeth, and you also get the added benefit of exercising and toning your facial muscles. Enjoy multiple benefits from the world's first multi-functional gum.


This natural and organic daily chewing gum treatment targets bad bacteria, bad breath, gingivitis, and decay. It is packed with essential minerals to help remineralize your teeth, reverse cavities, and rebuild enamel while soothing your gums. Don't leave home without it.



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