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  • How long do I need to chew the gum for it to work?
    We recommend chewing 2-4 pieces per day for at least 30 minutes per piece. The gum will continue to kill bad bacteria and remineralize your teeth for as long as you chew it. Feel free to chew it for hours or all day if you'd like!
  • What will the gum texture feel like in my mouth?
    The texture is nearly identical to most store-bought gums but slightly stiffer.
  • How many pieces of gum should I chew per day?
    One to two pieces twice daily between meals.
  • What does it taste like?
    We flavor our gum with a combination of organic mint essential oils and natural and organic mint flavors. Our gum uses three primary types of tree sap (Mastic, Spruce, and Chicle), each adding its own flavor. Mastic adds a subtle piney and herbal flavor, while spruce adds minor notes of fresh pine and earth. Overall, most people say our gum tastes like a sweet mint with a subtle and pleasant herbal undertone.
  • How does this gum remineralize my teeth?
    Your teeth are in a constant state of demineralization and remineralization. Our gum is packed with the vital minerals our teeth need to effectively remineralize and repair. In addition to phosphorus, iron, copper and zinc, our gum contains hydroxyapatite which is the same compound our teeth are made of. This combination of minerals helps to rebuild tooth enamel and combat decay.
  • Do you ship internationally?
    Yes, we ship anywhere worldwide as long as the address is typed in English.
  • Is Underbrush Gum Gluten-Free?
    Yes! Our Gum is 100% Gluten-Free.
  • Why is Underbrush gum more expensive than regular gum?
    Plastic and artificial sweeteners are the primary ingredients used in store-bought gums. The mysterious "gum base" ingredient you see on the back of every pack of gum is often a mix of synthetic plastics, rubbers, softeners, emulsifiers, and flavor modifiers. These ingredients cost just tiny fractions of a penny. In fact, the most expensive piece of store-bought gum is often the packaging. These gums serve no real purpose and offer no benefit to our mouths or the planet. Our chewing gum is made of natural ingredients like chicle, mastic, and spruce saps. These natural saps can only be harvested at specific times throughout the year. Only a small amount of these potent saps are taken to prevent damage to the tree. However, nurturing these trees is a year-round effort that requires immense manual labor. High-quality ingredients and the labor associated with obtaining them add to the final cost of the gum. While big gum brands have the luxury of fully automated processing, our production process requires a large human component. Much of our production must be done by hand and relies on the experience of farmers, foragers, and crew dedicated to making the best gum in the world. Each one of our ingredients serves a purpose and was selected for its beneficial properties. You will not find any filler ingredients used simply because they are cheap to source. We only use real ingredients. Our gum is made with the very best natural ingredients for people who value alternatives to the disturbing amount of artificial products in our lives.
  • How chewy is your chewing gum?
    Our gum base is made of natural tree saps which means that our gum is slightly more stiff at the start and maintains a stronger shape throughout your chew. This increases the amount of food, gunk, and plaque that our gum can scape off your teeth. As a bonus, chewing on this gum will strengthen your jaw for a more defined jaw line.
  • How many days do I have to chew the gum before I see results?
    While results may vary, chewing the gum for at least 30 minutes will result in teeth that are smoother. Most food particles and other debris will have also been removed. (You should still floss!) For best results, a consistent daily chewing routine is recommended. Most people notice a healthier smile, a reduction in bad breath, and less sensitive teeth and gums after 30 days. The longer you chew, the better the gum works and the more noticeable the results will be.
  • How can I make a return?
    As per our refund policy and timeframes, If you are not satisfied with our product or your results for any reason we will refund you no questions asked and we will even let you keep the product!
  • Do I have to place another order if I buy a subscription?
    No! If you paid for a monthly subscription you are all set. Your order will auto ship at the beginning of every month so sit back, relax and enjoy effortlessly decimating the bacteria in your mouth.
  • When will I receive my shipment?
    All orders are shipped within 1-3 business days. In most cases your products will ship the same day you place your order. Shipping speeds may vary by carrier and time of order. Ship speed breakdown: USPS First Class Mail 3-7 business days USPS Priority Mail 2-3 business days USPS Priority Mail Express 1-2 business days
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